Brief History of Pioneer Educational Review Center


Pioneer Review Center Inc. started on April 15, 1975, through the request of the numerous graduates of the Medical Technology Course. In that same year, when they started their review, the first batch of their reviewees had obtained a Ninety-Six (96%) passing percentage and garnered first place in the Board Examinations. Ms. Magdalena L. Florentin of FEU topped the Board Examinations and Mr. Donato D. Casafrancisco and Ms. Felicitas P. Legaspi both of FEU and Ms. Cecilia L. Magpayo of CEU shared in the fifth place.


From then on the Center had been getting almost all the Top Twenty Places in the Medical Technology Board Examinations and has maintained a high percentage of passing of 75-85%. There were times when the Center took all the Top Ten places in the Medical Technology Board Examinations. The Center can be credited as the Center that has topped the Medical Technology Board Examinations Forty-five (45) Times already, aside from the Five Hundred Seventy-Seven (577) topnotchers in other places of the top twenty. So far, the Center is yet unbeatable in this regard.


The Center opened its Physical Therapy Review in 1999 and just in their second batch of 40 reviewees one of them got fourth place in the Physical Therapy Board Examinations. The percentage of passing is also within the high level of percentage. Once again, the Center has proven its quality review even if it just started in this new field. Miss Maria Laudel C. Manicdao of Fatima Medical Sciences Foundation Incorporated took fourth place. However, the center did not continue to offer the Physical Therapy review and remained focused in Medical Technology only.


The Center has been continuously working towards the improvement of the quality and standard of their review, audiovisual and other facilities as well as their methods of teaching and the system of lecturing. They have also updated their lectures and other supplementary materials which are being given to the reviewees free. The teachers are also doing their best spending much time in research and reading new edition books, journals, and magazines to widen the scope of their knowledge, in order to catch up with the new developments in science and technology. Most of them have obtained their Masteral and Doctorate degrees so that they will be more qualified to be a reviewer lecturer. We have also adopted a modern program of reinforcing the knowledge of each board subjects through series of examinations.


The Center remains seriously dedicated, totally devoted, and strongly determined to be the best review center in the Philippines, in the field of Medical Technology likewise in whatever medical field they will embark on in the future.


Our Mission


Our primary aim is to provide a comprehensive review program to Medical Technology graduates across the country for them to achieve the ability to score a passing percentage on their Licensure Board Examination, and through our mentorship, they shall exhibit the professional virtues and exemplify the golden standard of an honorable health care Filipino worker.


In this, we dedicate our selfless act that shall govern our best decision for the students and all humanity.


Our Vision

Today we serve one profession; tomorrow we expand to serving others.