Registration Guideline

There are two ways to register with Pioneer, via PDF file or Google Forms.


Register via PDF

You may download our Registration Form in PDF format. You don't need to print out the Registration Form as they are fillable. You will notice the highlighted fields in blue color, just click or tap on them to input your data. You can attach photos to PDF file (ID Photo). For signatures, scan your signature or do a signature on any graphic application software and save as gif or jpg, then insert into the form as image. If you are unable to insert images into the form, you may send them separately and we'll take care of the rest. Please indicate in the "Batch Preferred" field which Review Batch you will be enrolling in.


If you are going to printout the registration form, please write in print for clarity.


After accomplishing your Registration Form, please save the file under your Surname, First Name Middle Name and send the form to along with your proof of payment. You may send in your registration form without payment if you plan to pay later, but please do take note that we do not send confirmation if your submission of requirements is incomplete. We only consider in giving confirmations if the requirements are complete.


If you had the form printed out, plase scan your accomplished registration form in high resolution (200dpi will suffice), and send it to our e-mail. Please do not send pictures of your furnished registration form, we will have to ask you to redo your registration form if that happens.


Register via Google Form

If submit button doesn't work, you will need to process your enrollment manually by filling out the PDF version of our Registration Form and submit via e-mail.


Registration Form for Medical Technology Review and Final Coaching

Online Registration: Register here.
Manual Registration: view | download

Please indicate Final Coaching in the blank field of Review Batch if enrolling for Final Coaching only


Registration Form for ASCPi Review

Online Registration: Register here.
Manual Registration: view | download


Send all accomplished PDF Registration Forms to