ASCPi Review

Our ASCPi review is conducted via online only, it is also good for AMT, AIMS, and other examinations designed as licensure examinations in any country. Summing up all other examinations appear to test you on the same pool of knowledge. We have had students who reviewed with us and already passed the ASCPi, HAAD, and AIMS examinations without going through another specific set of review packages.


Review is also good for students who are working, OFW, professionals, and fresh graduates. Due to its nature of full review. Any reviewee who has long been disconnected from the field of Medical Technology or Clinical Laboratory Science can do a crash course review and refresh their knowledge with updated study materials and information through our review package.


Review Handouts

All review handouts will be in PDF format and no print copies will be available due to the nature of their file sizes.


Enrollment Schedule

Please enroll according to the deadline stated below.


Start of Classes

The schedule of classes will be posted a week after the completion of an enlistment of enrollees. Our ASCPi Review is now 1 to 2 months in duration, held every Sunday and or Monday with occasional 8 am to 5 pm, some lecturers abroad start at 7 am and or depending on the lecturer's availability.


Available Schedules




Enrollment Deadline


June June 9, 2024 OPEN June 06, 2024 OPEN




Clinical Chemistry 28 hours
Microbiology 16 hours
Parasitology 8 hours
Hematology 16 hours
Clinical Microscopy 8 hours
Blood Banking 10 hours
Serology and Immunology 8 hours
Laboratory Operations 4 hours


Enrollment Procedure

Before enrolling please read our Policy Guideline.


STEP 1: Accomplish the requirements.

Our Requirements for ASCPi Review are:


1 copy of 2"x2" ID photo for your Registration Form to be submitted via online.


Transcript of Records or Diploma

3. For all Professional Licensure Examinees, please provide your Licensure Examination General Average (passed or failed). Skip this requirement if you have not taken the local board exams.

Furnished Registration Form at Google Forms.


Payment of Tuition Fee
Full Payment: PHP 17,000

You can also pay in partial / balance format with PHP 10,000 as a partial payment and PHP 7,000 as a balance payment. Pay the remaining balance 2 days before the start of classes.


Please see our Payment Guidelines section for details.


Scanned image of your deposit slip (if photo please make sure it is in high resolution and not pixelated), or screenshot of your online bank successful transaction. Also please ensure that your image is in proper perspective and not skewered or angled.


NOTE: we only accept "successful transaction" NOT "processing".


In the case you can't place your signature specimen in the Registration Form you can submit it in .jpg or .png format to the email(s) listed below.


By submitting your signature specimen or signing the PDF form it equally translates that you have read and understand in full and agree to the Policy Guideline for students issued by Pioneer Educational Review Center before enrolling. You will comply with their rules and standard regulations and fully understand the penalties involved should you fail to follow them.


STEP 2: Submit all requirements to our e‐mail at


STEP 3: Wait for our confirmation. It usually takes two working days to process. If you submitted on a weekend, expect the two working days beginning next Monday.


Ruling on Discounts

  • All former reviewee discount is recognized in this category. If you are a former ASCPi Reviewee or Local MTLE reviewee of Pioneer, you may avail the former reviewee discount of 10%.

  • All other discount policies do not apply in our ASCPi Review.


Application Guide

We do provide an application guide.


What you need to join our Online Review Program

If you are joining our ASCPi Review.

  • A stable reliable internet connection.
  • A Zoom account to attend live stream lectures.
  • A Google account to receive review handouts through Google Drive.
  • A Facebook account to receive notifications regarding the review. All Zoom invites will be deployed through your respective Facebook Group.

Tuition Fee


Review Program Tuition Fee
ASCPi Review (Online) Php 17,000.00