Policy Guideline for Students

Greetings, Dear Student! We at Pioneer Educational Review Center have established a simple policy guideline requiring your agreement and compliance before enrolling with us.


Please read our policies perceptively and by submitting your signature specimen or signing our Registration Form equally translates that you have fully read, understand, and agree to the policies issued to all reviewees. You will comply and adhere to the rules and standard regulations and fully understand the penalties involved should you fail to follow them.

Classroom Guidelines (Face to Face Classes)

  1. Please follow our security protocols at the entrance by wearing your Pioneer ID. If you do not yet have an ID, please present your Official Receipt as temporary alternative identification.
  2. Please do not let anyone attend classes for you.
  3. Please follow our dress code policy for Students. Avoid the following clothing garments:
  4. Gym clothing and sportswear
  5. Any clothing that is too revealing or inappropriate
  6. Dirty and smelly clothes or unwashed garments
  7. Clothing with stamps that are offensive, disrespectful, discriminatory or inappropriate
  8. Poor hygiene and bad grooming practices are also prohibited
  9. Practice good behavior and avoid any conflict resulting in verbal confrontations and physical violence.
  10. Once inside the classroom, kindly respect the lecturer and their added personal rules and regulations if they impose any.
  11. All questions will be entertained at the end of the lecture. Please jot down all your questions during topic discussions and at the end, you may ask them.
  12. No eating during classes. You may be allowed to do so during break time but please clean after yourselves. Candies and aquaflasks are allowed, but please no littering.
  13. Please keep easy with your freedom rights, there are boundaries and peaceful ways to communicate your needs, suggestions, recommendations, and everything else. You can send us a message through our Facebook messenger or e-mail.
  14. In the case of power failures, do not hold us accountable. PRCI is in no way responsible or connected to the power company. Please remain calm and wait for the lecturer’s announcement or instructions.
  15. Please avoid recording any lectures in the form of a video or voice recorder.
  16. Please turn off your mobile phones and tablets, or set them on silent mode.
  17. Do not answer your phone calls inside the classroom. Step out of the classroom if your call is an emergency.
  18. You are welcome to a comfort room break at any time, no permission is required, as long as you will not disrupt the class discussion.
  19. You are not allowed to request to raise the air conditioner temperature. You are allowed to bring a jacket to keep warm.
  20. If you need help with anything, please ask any staff at the office.

Meeting Room Guidelines (For Online Classes)

  1. Please use your real name inside the zoom meeting room. In the case you do not use your real name, you may get marked absent. Any names unknown to us or is not found on our enrollment list, we are given the mandate to boot or kick unknown identities out of the zoom meeting.
  2. You will be required to open your camera for identification, along with it your attendance is checked. You are to open your cameras not only for identification but also for the purpose of respect towards your lecturers.
  3. At least dress decently while attending our online lectures. T-shirts are okay.
  4. Choose your study environment. You will be held accountable to your own when you get distracted by your personal affairs at home during online reviews. You are in no position to blame this system, nor do you hold Pioneer Educational Review Center responsible, nor blame the lecturer for whatever happens at your home.
  5. Upon entry, all participants are muted and only the speaker is allowed to use the microphone unless a rule is implied by your review lecturer.
  6. Please set your view to "Speaker" or "Speaker side by side" (an option available during when the host or lecturer is screen sharing).
  7. Once inside the meeting room, kindly respect the lecturer and their added personal rules and regulations if they impose any.
  8. During lecture, anything that goes on in your surrounding is not our responsibility.
  9. If in case your lecturer gets disconnected, wait for him/her to return or wait for announcements. Please have patience on the lecturer for he/she too has no control over internet stability and connection issues or power outages. In such case of undetermined return of the lecturer, we may suspend classes for that particular subject and reschedule.
  10. All questions will be entertained at the end of the lecture or so when the lecturer chooses you to participate. Please jot down all questions during topic discussions and at the end you may ask them.
  11. Please use the "Raise Hand" feature in the zoom app to indicate you have a question or send in chat "directly" to the lecturer or to "Everyone" for public. After your questions you may tap the "Lower Hand" to indicate that you are done with your question.
  12. You are allowed to one question at a time. You may leave the "Raise Hand" active if you have other questions.
  13. You are free to take bathroom breaks and have no need to ask permission, just turn off your camera if necessary.
  14. Please be patient with your lecturer in the cases of internet slowdown or disconnections, these matters are beyond anyone's control. Likewise, yours.
  15. Please keep easy with your freedom rights, there are boundaries and peaceful ways to communicate your needs, suggestions, recommendations and everything else. You can send us a message through our Facebook messenger or e-mail.
  16. In the case of power failures, internet disconnection or slowdown or intermittent connection do not hold us accountable, PRCI is in no way responsible for the operation of your electricity and internet connection.
  17. If the moderator asks you to stay in the meeting room, please comply.

Zoom, Schedules and Invitations

  1. Once enrolled, you will be required to download the Zoom app (no license required). Please use your real name inside the meeting room during live-stream lectures so we can identify you.
  2. We will be posting Zoom invites via the Facebook group. You must be in the Facebook group as all schedule changes or updates, announcements, and exam results will be posted there.
  3. It is also advisable to familiarize yourself with how to operate your Zoom app. Please see the link here for tutorials.

Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy

During our Registration process you are required to supply information concerning primarily about yourself. All data collected will be treated sensitive with utmost care and with strict compliance to our Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy.



Data to be Collected from Students

The following information is to be collected for registration purposes and stated hereby the purposes as to why they are required:

  1. First name, middle name, and last name. For your identification and to check your name in the board exam results and the cases of your re-enrollment with us.
  2. Gender. For identification.
  3. Mobile Number and E-mail. Used for informing you of schedules, changes, updates, suspensions and reschedules, and all other relevant information concerning your review.
  4. School graduated. For statistical data use.
  5. Honors. You are required to disclose whether you graduated with honors to apply for Honorary fees (Cum Laude) and Free Admission (for Magna and Summa Cum Laude).
  6. ID Photos. For records keeping and identification purposes.
  7. Signature specimen for your agreement to our policies.


B. Other Data

All other data in our care that are produced from the result of your enrollment with us will also be treated with the same security measures. In exemption to the following:

  1. Your attendance sheet will only be made available as per your Dean of College's request.
  2. Your scores shall be treated the same and will only be made available upon your Dean of College's request.
  3. Please be informed that we do post your scores to your group.




For any breach of data security, please report to our office in full account of the said breach and we will take action based on the severity of the damage incurred according to our disciplinary measures and possible criminal charges on perpetrators.



Rights & Privileges of Lecturers over their product(s) and review materials

We have also created a policy guideline for students in the care of the following:

  1. Review Materials
  2. Books.
  3. Video Files (if any)


It is in our deep interest to protect our lecturers' mastery of their teaching craft. With them, we are a family who thrives in this profession and keeps the products of their hard work safe and protected. Therefore, as students enrolled with us, you become part of our family. We hope and expect that you would protect every data shared with you by our review center and lecturers, and that you would apply the same amount of Confidentiality and Data Protection we took an oath to uphold concerning you. And as professionals, you will abide by what is ethically correct and morally appropriate. Here are the simplest policy guidelines in support of our lecturers' livelihood. Please help support them by complying with these regulations and with the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines.

  1. You are in no position to reproduce and redistribute our review materials. These are PDF files, examination files, lecture guidelines, video lectures, and all other shared content to you by your professors and lecturers.
  2. You are not allowed to record or download any of our (onsite/online) review/video lectures for sale or redistribution or for sharing among peers, classmates, or college.
  3. Any conversion of our review materials into another form for sale, distribution, or sharing is also prohibited.
  4. You shall not provide access to multiple groups of people, an entire school, or any other individual to live stream lectures in Zoom meetings, Facebook groups, access to PDF files, and or YouTube videos uploaded by Pioneer.


If caught doing any of the above-listed violations, perpetrators will be subject to criminal liability.


Penalty to Violations by Students

We are entitled to take action in the cases of violation of any of these guidelines from reprimand (for minor cases), to expulsion with a permanent ban up to criminal charges pertinent to Republic Act No. 8293 or Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines.


Discount Policy

Latin Honor Discounts

  • Summa Cum Laude Honors are only required to pay a minimum fee of PHP 3,000 (F2F or Online Review)
  • Magna Cum Laude Honors are only required to pay a minimum fee of PHP 8,000 (F2F or Online Review)
  • Cum Laude Honors are only required to pay a minimum fee of PHP 13,000 (F2F or Online Review)
  • If a year has passed from your graduation, your Latin Honor status is no longer valid, your enrollment fee is equal to a regular student.


Former Reviewee Discounts

  • Former reviewees are entitled to a 10% discount.
  • The former reviewee discount does not apply to Latin Honor Graduates and Final Coaching.
  • If 10 years have passed since your last enrollment, your former reviewee discount is no longer valid.
  • Proof of previous enrollment is required (old Pioneer ID or Official Receipt). No proof no discount.


Final Coaching

All forms of discounts do not apply to final coaching.

Refund Policy

Please be informed that all payments made in full or partial are NOT REFUNDABLE. If in case you are wanting to withdraw, you may have the following options below:

  • You are allowed to move or reschedule your enrollment into a later batch.
  • You are allowed to find a replacement to fill your spot:
    • You shall endorse your deposit slip/official receipt to the person replacing you and have that person pay you the amount you have already paid us (full or partial). Your replacement shall be the one responsible for any remaining balance amount.
    • You will inform us ahead that you have found your replacement and submit this person’s full name to us. Then advise your replacement to contact us directly (either via landline/mobile or via e-mail), he/she needs to submit your endorsed deposit slip/official receipt.
    • Any type of discount honored to you is not transferrable to your replacement unless your replacement qualifies for the same.


We may add or modify any policy here that we see fit. Please check this page from time to time for updates and changes.